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~SS~SemperFi-Squad Is A Cheat Free Squad - You've Been Warned You'll Get Caught

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Application for Membership

Membership Requirements

Here it is. Very simple, nothing extreme. We are here to enjoy ourselves, & hopefully have fun in TeamSpeak (cutting up a little) and rule the battleground.
Always remember that we must Exterminate - Annihilate - Conquer our enemy.

1. Read our "Code of Ethics". Understand them, abide by them, play by them, enforce them and accept them.
2. You must fill out and submit a membership application on the ~SS~ website to request membership. Members will vote based on your answers to questions on the application.
3. Register on the website to have access the forums and you must read and post in the forums on a continual basis.
4. Have the full version of BattleField 4 and the most current updates.
5. Have the following: Headset/microphone, cable/DSL connection. Would prefer you have a headset over a mic. Mics have the tendency to echo, bleed over and is just down right frustrating.
6. Have the lastest TeamSpeak 3 software installed. This is our primary voice communication.

Don’t worry if you don’t already have TeamSpeak 3. We can provide you with it. Everything from where to download the software, to installing it, to activating it can be found in our Forums.
All ~SS~Semperfi-Squad members are required to be in TeamSpeak to find out which game server we are playing in. This is a huge advantage for us to be successful against our enemies. Squad members are to communicate with each other at all times during battle. Be sure to follow instructions. Everyone does their part, success and victory will be ours. TeamSpeak is a required program to join regardless of "mechanical errors". If you are having "mechanical errors" you must correct those errors. No exceptions!

Leave of Absence Notice

There will come a time when you will need a break. In order to remain on any squads I’ve been on, members were given the opportunity to let squad leader and members know that they were stepping away for a period of time.
It not only shows respect to the members of the squad your on but secures your place. Here is no different. Live your life, enjoy your life.
When the time comes that you will be away for more than four days (you usually know if you will or not) you must make a post on the Forums floor: "Leave Of Absence Notice" letting your squad know. If you are missing in action (no show) for more than four days without posting your absent, you will be demoted by one rank.
Our Leader will post in the Forums floor: "Leave of Absence Notice" that a member has missed roll call. If that member has not returned 10 days from date of post, that member will be considered MIA. More on this in our Forums.

What is your real name? Required
What is your game name? Required
What is your e-mail address? Required
What is your current age? Required
What is your date of birth? Required
What is your gender? Required
Which state do you live in? Give only the state. Required
Give us an idea of which games you have played. List a few of them. Required
Tell us why you would like to join our squad. Required
You do understand that we use TeamSpeak 3 to communicate with each other? Required
Do you have a headset with microphone or can get one? Required
Have you used TeamSpeak before? Required
What is our primary voice communication? Required
Have you read our "Code of Ethics"? Required
You do understand, that submitting this Membership Application you must know, understand and obey our Code of Ethics. Required

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