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~SS~Cheaters Not Allowed

~SS~SemperFi-Squad Is A Cheat Free Squad - You've Been Warned You'll Get Caught

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Code Of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Being a Member of ~SS~SemperFi-Squad, you must know, understand and obey the following Code of Ethics.
If you can't, then don't waste our time.

Our "Code of Ethics" applies at all times. Everywhere you wear your ~SS~ tags. It identifies you as a member of ~SS~Semperfi-Squad and you are bound by this code.

Part A: Honor / Valor

Always remember that BattleField 4 is just a fighting game. There's nothing real about it. The more you play the better your skills become. Remember it's only a game. We should always play hard, play fair and most of all have fun doing it. Semperfi-Squad members are honor bound to display respect to other squads and soldiers. Never argue with, harass or belittle another player. Should you have an issue or a compliant about/with another player, wait until the match/practice is over and address it with one of the Squad Leaders. Remember that you are representing ~SS~Semperfi-Squad.

Part B: Language

Foul language is not allowed at any time. This rule is strictly enforced. Members are monitored in TeamSpeak and will receive verbal warning. After the third verbal warning the member that has violated our language policy will be removed from play for 24 hours, giving that member a chance to cool down. If a history begins to form, that player will be removed permanently. If you have doubt about what you're going to say, just don't say it. Vulgar or inappropriate material is also prohibited. Remember it will not be accepted in any form, verbally communicated, typewritten, abbreviated, sigs, avatars and images of any kind. Racial slurs of any kind or remarks are also not welcome here. You will not be warned and will be banned without notice.

Part C: Required Participation

Constant participation is required to remain on active status as a member. We completely understand that there will come a time when you need to be away for a period of time. Should the time come when you cannot make squad night, a tourney or will be away for a period of time, be sure to post your absence in the forum. The floor is called "Leave of Absence". Prolonged absence and/or lack of participation (without notification) will result in your termination from the squad.

Part D: Call Sign / Squad Tags

Your call sign is your name. You will become well known by your call sign. When choosing your name choose it carefully,(make sure that it has no more than 15 characters) it's one that will remain with you during your duration with ~SS~Semperfi-Squad. Changing call signs will not be permitted. Only under special circumstances will permission be granted for a call sign change. Your call sign will not contain anything vulgar and will not contain or be of an offensive nature. Your “tag” is the ~SS~ designation that identifies you as an official member of ~SS~Semperfi-Squad. Wear your ~SS~ tag proudly at all times.

Part E: Cheating / Glitching

Glitching is not permitted. The BattleField 4 game itself and the maps will always contain glitches. Glitches are not to be used to gain tactical advantage or for any other reason. "Left Leaning" is considered to be a glitch when you are in the wall by many gaming squads including ours. "Left Leaning" glitching is standing next to the corner of a building and leaning left to shoot around the corner. This is considered a glitch because when done in the fashion of the glitch, you can shoot the enemy, but cannot be seen or shot by the enemy. If you must shoot around the left corner of a building by leaning, stand a few feet back from the wall. If you lay on the ground on a mountainside or peak, always press the F4 key to see yourself from third-person view to make sure you aren't glitching. Use the same method when lying on rocks or in any other suspicious locations. Don't let yourself get caught glitching. It's not only a horrible feeling, but it may get you kicked from the squad.
Cheaters are not tolerated! ~SS~ prohibits the use of any type of modifications to the published game. If you are caught cheating in any server, you will immediately be banned from ~SS~Semperfi-Squad. Accusations will be thoroughly investigated, and you will have the benefit of the doubt. If positive proof is presented, however, YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE TERMINATED!!! There will be no warnings and no second chances. If you suspect anyone of cheating or glitching, get screen shots or some other form of proof and present it to at least one leader. Do not accuse a person of cheating while playing. Make sure you have proof before making accusations. If you do not have proof, don't make the accusation at all! This is something we take very seriously, so be positive before pointing the finger.

Part F: Membership Requirements

You must fill out a membership application on the ~SS~ website to request membership. You must have the full version of BattleField 4 and the most current updates. You must have the following: Headset/microphone, cable/DSL connection. You must have TeamSpeak 3 and a microphone/headset as primary voice communication. Don't worry if you don't already have TeamSpeak 3, everything you need is in our Forums. Always download the client version from the TeamSpeak site to make sure you get the lastest version and that it's free from malware. You must register on the website to have access the forums and you must read and post in the forums on a continual basis. This is a major form of communication with the squad about important issues. All ~SS~Semperfi-Squad members are required to be in TeamSpeak any time that they are playing in the game server, this is to be sure that squad communication can flow, from squad members. This is not negotiable as TeamSpeak is a required program to join regardless of "mechanical errors". If you are having "mechanical errors" you must correct those errors before entering the server. No exceptions!

Part G: Acceptance of "Code of Ethics"

By submitting your application for membership you affirm that you have read the "Code of Ethics" in its entirety and agree to and understand its contents and will abide by and uphold it in any forum that you may be in wearing the ~SS~Semperfi-Squad tags. Also you affirm that you understand that BattleField 4 is only a game and that you choose to play it on your own. You also affirm that any violation of the "Code of Ethics" is grounds for being placed on suspension or membership being terminated.

Part H: ~SS~Semperfi-Squad Rights

Let it be known that ~SS~Semperfi-Squad® is a registered domain. We're here to play and play hard, play fair with no flaming, cheating, glitching or using vulgar language, to make friends and hopefully a few allies.
~SS~Semperfi-Squad® reserves the right to remove posts, remove users, ban users, trace ip's, ban ip's, contact isp's and manipulate users accounts for any reason what so ever.

Reminder: It is not the responsibility of any one in this squad to make sure another member knows these rules. Furthermore, if you do not read these rules before joining and decide you are not ok with them then you need to leave. Not knowing the rules does not mean they do not apply to you.

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